Dance (All Styles)

Music & Vocals

Revue Groups & Choirs

Drama & Orators

Welcome to A-Arts Festival

A provincial, National and International Festival for Music (vocal & instrumental), Drama/Orators and Dance held in South Africa.

Any nation’s culture is expressed in its art.
Culture as such is embedded in the depths of human existence – and its various art forms typify man’s style and grace.

The art forms which A-Arts desires to promote are:

  • Music (vocals & instrumental)

  • Dancing

  • Drama / Orators

  • Vocal

A-Arts Festival focuses on the opportunity to develop and enjoy people’s talents.

Congratulations and best wishes to A-Arts participants.

Arnold Classic Arts

The Arnold Classic Sports Festival in South Africa created a competition/festival for the different art forms (Dance, Drama, and Music) in 2019 till current.

The next Arnold Classic Sports and Arts competition will be 14-16 May 2021.

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